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Our Services

Property Management

The success of Zencorr is our ability to transform an apartment building into a thriving Community by providing a comfortable, fresh, and friendly living experience.   

Project Management

Expertise in overseeing extensive transformations to improve and enhance the value of an asset for property owners and the living experiences of its Residents. 

Our Expertise

Technology Solutions

  • Simple 

  • Cloud based 

  • Easy to Manage

  • Minimal Downtime


  • Resident Dashboard

  • Resident Services

  • Resident Connections

  • Staff Enagement

Diverse Industry Experiences

  • Real Estate

  • Marketing-Web Design

  • Property Management

  • Commercial Construction



Our recruiting strategies enable us to quickly and effectively fill the staffing needs of the properties we manage. 


Our goal is to invest in our most valuable asset - the professionals who deliver services to the Residents of your Community through education and training.    Every Zencorr employee is required to complete our Property Management 101 Program.

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