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Zencorr begins major transformation project at Center Square Apartments

Updated: Jun 22

On June 15th, Zencorr will begin one of its most dramatic and exciting renovation projects at Center Square Apartments. This project will completely transform all 16 Residential hallways from floor to ceiling with - brand new flooring, wall finishes, coloring, lighting, doors and ceiling.

​Every aspect of the hallways will be completely redesigned. From the moment the Resident steps out of from the elevators, they will be greeted by a new and modern landing. As they make their way to their Apartment home, they will encounter new architectural details, décor and accent lighting.


Current Hallways

About the Project

The project is scheduled to last a total of four months. However, our Residents will only be affected by the renovation process in their hallway for several weeks. The Resident Hallway Renovation Project will be the most dramatic because it is one which Residents will be able to see happen. Up until now, most of the improvements that have been performed were behind the scenes or to individual apartments. This improvement will be one the entire Community and their guests will be able to enjoy.

About the Challenges

Zencorr understands that with every project comes its challenges. Property renovations are easier and go more smoothly when a building is not occupied or not fully occupied. Zencorr is undertaking a major construction project within a property which is fully occupied - at 97 -98% daily average.

Coordination is the key as there are several renovation tasks which will require access to Resident's apartments; such as - door painting, replacing hardware, locks, and hallway flooring. The Property Staff will be tasked with scheduling these event with the Residents.

This is a living and breathing community that is the home of many residents therefore careful planning from our Director of Engineering, Piero Corrado has been a priority. "No matter how hard you try to keep the disruptions of a construction project to a minimum, things are going to happen", says Mr. Corrado. "By working closely with the Property Manager and his staff, plus asking for just a little more patience from the residents, will get us through the next 4 months."

About the Team

​The Project Management Team led by Mr. Piero Corrado, Director of Engineering; consists of JH Greene and Sons of Hatboro PA (GC), many local sub-contractors and of course the Center Square Apartment management staff, who are all excited about this Project.

To get the entire Center Square Apartments Community excited and to help keep them informed, Zencorr's Marketing department has created a dedicated webpage where Residents will be able to see daily photos of what is happening in neighboring hallways. By giving Residents a way to see what is going on, will help to curb some of their concerns about the unknown.

Here is where you can follow this project too:

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